Us vs. Them

Fuse5 is built on three very basic value propositions that separate us from just about everyone else in this business:

Direct access to the principals. You don’t deal with go-betweens, assistants, or junior-level people. You deal only with the principals, and they’re available whenever and wherever you need them. So there’s no miscommunication, no decision-making hierarchies, no inefficiencies, and no delays.

No handoffs, no bait-and-switch. The principals do the work. We don’t get your business and then hand the job off to a one-year-out-of-college newbie. You pay for our experience and skills. We believe you should get what you pay for.

No high-cost multiple “touches.” We’ve been at big agencies, and we know they make money by having multiple people “touch” a project at multiple points. That adds costs, not value. So we don’t do it. At Fuse5, one principal manages the project. Another principal creates the product. You save. So what does all this mean to you?

Just this:

With a model that actually delivers what it promises – expertise, accountability, responsiveness, and value – Fuse5 has what it takes to provide the strategies you need, the tactics to implement them, and the resources to manage both.

Fuse5 Communications, Inc. is recognized as a premier full service B2B marketing agency, offering expert solutions for businesses across Houston and beyond.


1702 Houston Avenue
Houston, TX 77007