Training: Customized, Current, And Never Dull.

Fuse5 offers communication training that goes beyond what you expect – way beyond.

To start with, it’s relevant to your world – the real world – and provides skills that can be put to work immediately.

There’s no boilerplate instruction either, and every session can be customized to your industry, employees, or specific organizational goals.

Finally, we don’t bore you. Our training programs are designed to keep audiences entertained and engaged, preventing the dreaded but all-too-frequent MEGO effect: My Eyes Glass Over.

We can train one person or 200, and provide flexible options for length, scope, pricing, and subject areas. It all adds up to unlimited opportunities for learning and improvement.

Our five principal training areas are:

WRITING: We train in more than 60 specific areas, with approaches and techniques that demystify writing and provoke, educate, and motivate.

So unlike most training – which is designed to make you technically proficient – ours is designed to make you exceptionally effective. There’s a huge difference. And we know what it is.

PRESENTATIONS: Remember Presentation Rule 1: “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you just told them?” Well, audiences remember it, too. That means they’re likely to tune you out once they know what you’re going to say.

We’ve developed an approach that merges techniques taught at the nation’s leading business schools with tips on creating a dramatic, persuasive narrative that resonates with your audience – and makes them pay attention.

WEB CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Forget everything you think you know about web writing and content development. Why? Because it changes about every nine seconds. We’ve done the research – and keep doing it on an ongoing basis – so we understand what works and doesn’t work when it comes to online content. We know how readers read, how they want to access information, and what they won’t tolerate on a page. We want you to know it, too.

STORYTELLING AND STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: In one of our most popular sessions, we take techniques used in films – everything from The Godfather to Die Hard, Good Night and Good Luck to Jaws – to demonstrate ways to shape messages that get read and get action. Content includes:

  • The four-part structure of narratives
  • “A” stories and “B” stories
  • Finding the drama in anything
  • Making yourself a hero…and your opposition a villain
  • Knowing what to leave on the cutting room floor
  • Finding the character’s voice

PUBLIC SPEAKING: In a skill that’s 10 percent content and 90 percent performance, we can teach you how to communicate the former by leveraging the latter.

We have broad, deep experience writing for the spoken word, and our trainers haven’t just served as media spokespeople – they’ve also acted and directed as well. So we know how to “sell” an idea.

And perhaps even more important, we know how to help clients beat the fear of public speaking and turn what they believe are weaknesses into what audiences will perceive as strengths.

Points To

  1. Relevant content
  2. Immediately applicable
  3. Customized
  4. Entertaining and engaging
  5. Total flexibility

Fuse5 Communications, Inc. offers experienced communication skills training for individuals and businesses across Houston and beyond.


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