Writing: Sure, Anybody Can Do It. But We Do It Right.

We built Fuse5 on the ability to write in any media, for any audience, on any subject. There’s a reason for that.

To us, writing isn’t simply the ability to string words together in a grammatically correct manner. It’s a strategy. And in a world where the average attention span of the average reader is 11 seconds, and where people exit web pages in as few as four seconds, you’ve only got one chance to get it right.

We get it right, too, in everything from speeches to scripts, newsletters to news releases, white papers to web pages. Just as important, we usually get it right the first time (which saves you money on revisions).

The fact is, we understand how writing works. We’ve studied it. As a result, we know things most writers don’t – things that go beyond the basics, including:

  • Words to avoid in a first paragraph because they turn readers off
  • Keys to getting e-mails and e-newsletters read
  • The structure of web writing
  • Techniques to ensure that readers keep reading
  • How to write for people who don’t want to read, don’t have time to read, or don’t believe what they read
  • How to make even the most boring subjects entertaining
  • Words and phrases that prevent your message from being misinterpreted – and how to place them strategically in a sentence or paragraph
  • How to make a sentence instantly understood

Because of all that – and a whole lot more – we can shape text that avoids the problems that cripple most writing today. So you can be sure when we write something for you, it’ll get read, it’ll get remembered, and it’ll get results.

Points To

  1. Full capabilities
  2. Strategic
  3. Save time, money
  4. Skills beyond the basics
  5. Copy that gets read and remembered

Fuse5 Communications, Inc. is a professional content development agency, offering expert copywriting services to businesses across Houston and beyond.


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