Fuse 5 supports our core services with a capability that’s designed to give clients the ultimate competitive advantage:


We’ve developed a highly sophisticated research capability that delivers information and intelligence to support a full range of outreach – whether it’s the marketplace of media, products, services, issues, or ideas.

Using our databases, clients have been able to efficiently:

  • Profile and target media worldwide – trade publications, newsletters, magazines, journals, broadcast outlets, blogs, mainstream and community media, and business and technical media
  • Identify the right story hooks, in the right media, with the right editors, reporters, and bloggers
  • Create strategies designed to inoculate against potential attacks by competitors, opponents, or activists
  • Access in-depth information to support issues advocacy, lobbying, and government relations initiatives
  • Perform opposition, competitive, and marketplace research
  • Profile business prospects
  • Build community support
  • Identify best practices in any given industry

Fuse 5 Communications, Inc. is a cutting-edge market research agency serving all industries and businesses across Houston and beyond.


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